How it Works


I'm happy to chat on the phone about what you're looking for and to give you an idea of cost. 


I always insist on a free no obligation consultation at your home with you and your pets before I accept a booking - it's my opportunity to find out everything I need to know about you and your pets, and your chance to ask me any questions. 

I'll want to take details of your pet's likes and dislikes and their exact needs, including their medical history, what they usually eat and how they prefer being handled. I’ll even want to know if they have any special hiding places!


If your pet has a particular need please don't be afraid to ask- for example they may be happier being fed separately, need ear drops administering or a daily brush.

The welfare of your pets is always my top priority and is at the heart of my service.



I’ll take details of an emergency contact person and your regular vet, and we’ll discuss what will happen in the unlikely event that there’s a problem.

We'll also agree the keys I'll use if I'm coming into your home when you're not there. I always store any alarm codes and keys securely.

I will always give your keys back to you directly- I’ll never post them back through the letterbox in case your plans change at the last minute and your pets need further care from me. 


When we’ve agreed the service and we're both happy, we'll sign an agreement and confirm the booking details. I will also ask for a deposit so you can feel confident your booking is secure.