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My Services

Pet Sitting


I can pop into your home to make sure all is well with your pets. I can put down fresh food and water, change litter trays and bedding, give medication, and spend some time with your pets to make sure they are happy and well. Fuss, cuddles and play included as standard! I would recommend most pets are visited twice daily, and that dogs are not left for more than 4 hours a day. I can also do small jobs such as picking up post, opening and closing curtains and putting your bins out, which will help to make your home look lived in and be more secure.

30 minute visit


1 hour visit


Dog Walking


Your dog will have personal attention, solo walks or with their friends from their own home, according to their individual needs. I love going on sniffy explores with dogs and getting the very best out of our environment together! We're so lucky to have plenty of local fields and footpaths nearby we can enjoy.

For the safety of your dog and other dog walkers I will keep your dog on a lead unless I have written permission from you to walk off lead, and we've both agreed it's safe to do so.

30 minute walk


1 hour walk


House Sitting


I can stay overnight at your home with your pets when you’re not there, enabling them to stay in their own familiar environment and routines. My bespoke house sitting service also offers you the peace of mind that someone responsible and experienced is keeping an eye on your home’s upkeep and security in your absence. I’m very happy to send you photos and videos while you are away so you can see what we’re getting up to together!


Usually my stays are from 8pm to 8am, of course if your pets need something different I’m happy to chat about this. We would then build in the time your pets need during the day according to their individual needs. 

£30 each

Subsequent Nights


8pm-8am One Night
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